Quality Policy

​​​In order to ensure mission success and protect it from the environment is essential to instill in the organization a way to distinguish Entreposto Máquinas for the confidence that our employees convey to entities that they contact. For that, management defined five key strategic principles:


1 - Continuously satisfy customers:

* providing all the support to clients in the sale and after sale, to ensure that each equipment is the one that best suits the your needs, it works in good condition and that the client is prepared to use it efficiently;

* providing service of excellence, contributing to customer loyalty;

* improving the speed and quality of customer service in parts, minimizing the number of ongoing orders and delivery times;

* increasing levels of customer satisfaction and reducing (or eliminating) the number of very unhappy customers

* solving all complains in time, ensuring that the customer is satisfied with the developed solutions.


2 - Promote, continuously, the motivation of employees:

* supplying the skill requirements through an appropriate characterization of training needs;

* developing communication processes within the company, in order to maintain a work environment that provides autonomy of decision on the continuous improvement of processes;

* ensuring the recognition of people through performance evaluation mechanisms that reward pro-activity and results.

3 - Build lasting partnerships with suppliers:

* minimizing the occurrence of nonconformities in products supplied to customers,

* working in partnership with suppliers, reporting the results of evaluations so that they can improve the quality of the product / service.

4 -  Manage a balanced cost structure:

* minimizing the fixed and variable costs resulting from the activity of the company;

* optimizing the relationship with customers and suppliers;

* developing forms of management that allow a coherent picture of Entreposto Máquinas and brands represented, without increasing fixed costs.

5 - Contribute to the creation of a Culture of Quality in Entreposto Group, by meeting the requirements of the Quality Management System and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the organization's processes.


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