Vision, Mission and Values


Entreposto Máquinas has the mission to satisfy those who allow its existence and growth: employees, clients, suppliers and shareholders.

The mission should be accomplished through the importing and selling of earth moving equipment, agricultural equipment and forklifts and warehousing equipment, its spare parts, accessories and services associated.



Develop an organizational structure and the potentialities of employees, in order to implement in the market a sustained quality and transparency image that allows Entreposto Máquinas:

· Be present, directly or indirectly in every business;

· Establish with each client long lasting relations of trust, assuming itself as a business partner.



Entreposto Maquinas’s culture is based on genuine attention to customer care and satisfaction of everyone evolved: clients, suppliers, and employees, without forgetting the company’s profitability. This culture is reflected in a set of values associated with professionalism, team work and ethics. Values facilitate the correct interpretation of rules and regulations and guide the work of people in the absence of rules, leading them to naturally do the right things.

* Professionalism

Perform all tasks with accuracy and quality.

Develop an ongoing effort to improve working methods.

Do not leave unfinished businesses.

Meet the deadlines and commitments made.

Propose solutions rather than creating problems.

Daring to question routines and current concepts.

Embracing the decisions as their own, after discussion and adoption.

Set business goals ahead of personal interests.

* Team work

Promote a strong team spirit.

Share the information and knowledge gained with employees.

Actively contribute to eliminating barriers between employees, whatever functions or sectors.

Discuss ideas objectively and constructively, without turning them into personal issues.

Try to understand the ideas and needs of others.

* Ethics

Set an example.

Work and speak with complete openness and sincerity.

Respect and value the work of others.

Contribute to a transparent environment in the company.

Promote a pleasant and good mood work environment.